American Oversight Releases Report on Anti-ERIC Push and Its Threat to 2024 Election

The report provides a behind-the-scenes look at how the election denial movement led several states to abandon the bipartisan Electronic Registration Information Center — and what it means for voting rights and U.S. democracy.
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The Scramble to Replace ERIC: How States That Left Nonpartisan System Have Fallen Short

December 18, 2023
The documents outlined in American Oversight’s far-reaching investigation show that states have scrambled to find viable replacements — none of which provide ERIC’s security, reliability, or effectiveness.

The Right-wing Pressure Campaign That Led States to Abandon Crucial Voter-Roll Maintenance Organization

December 15, 2023
Records obtained by American Oversight in its far-reaching investigation reveal the motivations behind states leaving the Electronic Registration Information Center.

American Oversight and Other Groups File Amicus Brief in Support of Lawsuit Challenging DeSantis’ ‘Stop WOKE’ Act

November 30, 2023
American Oversight and other groups filed the brief in support of professors and a student at public universities in Florida who allege in a lawsuit that racial animus drove the enactment of last year’s “Stop WOKE” Act.

New Florida Migrant Flight Records Reveal Careful Language Updates Following Trafficking Allegations

September 28, 2023
Documents obtained by American Oversight and reported on by the Tallahassee Democrat contain new contract amendments and expense details related to Gov. DeSantis’ migrant transportation program.

Records from New College of Florida Offer Glimpse into Hiring of Politically Connected Administrators

September 20, 2023
Records obtained by American Oversight and reported on this week by Inside Higher Ed offer a glimpse into certain hiring decisions at New College of Florida, where Gov. Ron DeSantis and allies have sought to remake the college in a conservative image.

‘Does Not Offer Any Opposing Viewpoints’: Inside Florida’s Reviews of AP African American Studies Course

August 30, 2023
Records obtained by American Oversight offer a glimpse into the Florida Department of Education’s review of the course, including concerns that it presented only “one side” in discussions of slavery.

News Roundup: Familiar Names in the Fulton County Indictment

August 18, 2023
The indictment is yet another illustration of how wide-ranging the effort to undo Trump’s loss was.

News Roundup: Fake Electors and Voting Machine Schemes

August 11, 2023
Co-Conspirator no. 5 laid out the strategy for the fake electors plot in a newly uncovered memo, and election deniers discussed an alleged voting machine breach in Michigan in public records we obtained.

Florida Dept. of Education Emails Reveal Confusion for Textbook Companies, New Examples of Lesson Changes

July 26, 2023
Documents obtained through public records requests and litigation shed light on the frustration publishers experienced in seeking clarification from the Florida Department of Education about requirements for math and social studies textbooks.