Case Number: 17-1187

DHS Communications About the Cost of and Appropriations for a Border Wall

June 6, 2018
We asked DHS for communications about the cost of building a border wall and appropriations for the project. This heavily redacted document contains minutes from a March 2017 meeting of a DHS environment and sustainability committee, where a Coast Guard official floats the idea of using old ships for the wall.

DHS Wall Budget Discussions and Congressional Budget Justification

June 6, 2018
Heavily redacted records from DHS containing wall budget discussions and related communications. American Oversight received an additional production in June 2018 of a DHS memo submitted to Congress justifying the department's budget request in 2017. The memo includes a request for funding for soft-sided detention facilities to detain immigrants.

DHS Records Concerning the Schedule for Border Wall Construction

June 6, 2018
Records from DHS containing a heavily redacted schedule of border wall plans. We received an additional production of documents in June 2018.

DHS Records Related to Secretary Kelly and the Wall

June 6, 2018
Records from DHS related to the Congressional testimony of DHS Secretary Kelly. In June 2018, we received additional DHS materials related to Kelly's HSGAC hearing.

Records From DOI Communications With the Tohono O’odham Nation

February 2, 2018
Documents from DOI in response to our FOIA request for: communications with the Tohono O'odham Nation or the Nation's representatives; internal documents regarding the Tohono O'odham Nation; and all reports or analyses regarding sovereign tribal land and the construction of a barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border

Records From OMB Regarding Wall Budget Discussions

January 29, 2018
Second and final production of OMB documents in response to two of our FOIA requests for communications regarding wall budget discussions.

Records From OMB Regarding Wall Budget

December 14, 2017
Documents from OMB in response to two of our FOIA requests regarding the wall budget discussions.

DHS Records of ALT_uscis Twitter Account Investigation

October 12, 2017
Records from DHS regarding the decision to investigate the @ALT_uscis Twitter account.

No Records Response from DHS Regarding Eminent Domain

August 18, 2017
No records response from DHS to American Oversight's FOIA request relating to the cost of the proposed border wall.

No Records Response From DHS Regarding the Tohono O’odham Nation

August 18, 2017
DHS stated it has no responsive records relating to communications with the Tohono O'odham nation regarding President Trump's proposed border wall.