Case Number: 17-827

Congress Enters Legal Fight to Block Release of Obamacare Repeal Emails

September 15, 2017
"From the very beginning, health care negotiations between the Trump administration and Congress have taken place in secret, and with talks reportedly starting again, Congress has made it clear that its first priority is to keep the public in the dark.”

“News to Me!” – Inside the Health Care Emails

September 13, 2017
Health care negotiation emails obtained American Oversight appear to show senior White House and Congressional aides joking about "patient centered care" in an Obamacare repeal proposal.

Third Set of Health Care Emails Again Shows Trump Administration Effort to Hide Negotiations

September 7, 2017
The third and final set of health care documents that a federal judge ordered the Trump administration to release to American Oversight again showed a concerted effort to hide the details of negotiations through the use of excessive redactions.

New Health Care Documents Show Effort to Hide Details of Negotiations

August 2, 2017
New documents released today show the Trump administration taking extraordinary steps to hide the details of its health care reform negotiations with top congressional leaders including House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Status Report and Request of Hearing: American Oversight v. HHS and OMB — Obamacare Repeal Negotiations

August 2, 2017
American Oversight sued HHS and OBM for failure to comply with FOIA (HHS-17-0024; OMB-17-0025). This is the status report and request for a hearing.

OMB July 31, 2017 Health Care Correspondence FOIA Production

July 31, 2017
Heavily redacted correspondence between the Office of Management and Budget and Congress regarding health care reform, obtained through a FOIA lawsuit by American Oversight. This is the second of three sets of documents OMB was ordered to produce.