Records Released in Response to Request for Documents from Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos’ Impeachment Panel

Records released by former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser in response to American Oversight’s request for documents from Assembly Speaker Robin Vos’ impeachment panel. The records also including voicemail messages, which are below.


Voicemail Messages Released in Response to American Oversight’s Records Request

Voicemail messages, apparently from former Wisconsin Chief Justice Pat Roggensack to former Justice David Prosser, released on Oct. 9, 2023, in response to American Oversight’s request for documents from Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos’ secret impeachment panel. Transcripts of the voicemail messages are below.

Voicemail, Sept. 14, 2023

Transcript: Hi, David. This is Pat Roggensack. I’m calling you about a matter that I thought we were going to look at together. But I sent you a text about a telephone conference at 11:30 but obviously you didn’t get it. When you get this message, would you let me know when you might get together for a conference this afternoon, which is Thursday. I’d like to try for around 2:00. Hope to talk to you soon.

Voicemail, Oct. 2, 2023

Transcript: Hi, Dave, I sent you the cite for the Krueger case. It is totally on point with saying why whatever we are is not a governmental body. You know, we’re just ad hoc people who have an interest in what’s going on. OK? So, read it. I mean, I think it’s perfect. I’m wondering if I should file an amicus in your case. Let me know. I want to chat with you when you have a minute. I’m just leaving the library.