Entity: Texas - Cameron County

Records Request to the Cameron County, Texas, District Attorney for Communications with Anti-Abortion Rights Groups

March 10, 2023
Records request to the Cameron County, Texas, District Attorney seeking communications with anti-abortion rights external groups and individuals.

Records Request to Cameron County, Texas, for Communications Regarding AG Paxton’s Opinion Enabling Near-Immediate Third-Party Access to Ballots

November 21, 2022
Records request to Cameron County, Texas, seeking communications regarding Attorney General Ken Paxton’s opinion enabling third-party access to ballots soon after they are counted.

State and Local Officials’ Communications with Voting-Restriction Activists and Groups

November 5, 2020
False claims of widespread voter fraud have been given unearned amplification not just by the president, but by right-wing groups working on the ground in various states to convert those false claims into voting restrictions and overzealous voter-roll purges.

Cameron County, Texas, Emails with GOP Groups and Voting-Restriction Advocates

July 22, 2020
Records from Cameron County, Texas, of email communications concerning Covid-19 and polling locations in response to American Oversight's request for communications with GOP groups and voting-restriction activists.

Investigations Update: Family Separation, Unmarked Law Enforcement, and Trump’s Campaign Rallies

June 30, 2020
Here’s a look at the investigations our team has been pursuing through public records requests and Freedom of Information Act litigation in the last week.

Records Request to Cameron County, Texas, Seeking Communications with GOP and Anti-Voting Groups

June 22, 2020
Records request to Cameron County, Texas, seeking all email communications between Cameron County election officials and the Cameron County Republican Party, the Texas Republican Party, and anti-voting groups.

Texas Officials’ Communications with ‘Voter Fraud’ Activists

December 23, 2019
We launched our State Accountability Project in March with the goal of shedding light on voter suppression and election issues. Here's a look at what we've discovered so far.

FOIA to Cameron County Seeking Infectious Disease Reports from Federal Immigrant Detention and Holding Facilities

October 22, 2019
FOIA request to Cameron County in Texas seeking records reflecting reports of notifiable infectious diseases made by, or otherwise regarding, federal immigrant detention and holding facilities.

FOIA to Cameron County, TX Seeking Voter Roll Maintenance Directives

June 7, 2019
FOIA to the Cameron County, Texas seeking communications regarding voter roll maintenance.

Records from Cameron County, Texas Regarding Communications with Voter Fraud Activists

May 31, 2019
Records from the the Cameron County Elections Administrator regarding communications with public figures and activists who have prominently claimed that voter fraud is widespread and advocated for restrictions on voting.