Entity: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Complaint: Allied Progress v. CFPB – Blankenstein Communications

March 4, 2019
American Oversight's lawsuit on behalf of Allied Progress against CFPB seeking Eric Blankenstein's communications with senior officials in the days following the Washington Post’s report that Blankenstein had published a blog under a pen name where he expressed racist and sexist views.

CFPB Political Appointee Resumes of New Political Appointees Since December 2017

February 21, 2019
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau SF-50s and resumes of political appointees who started between December 2017 and January 2019.

Complaint: American Oversight v. CFPB – Hensarling Office Communications

January 25, 2019
Lawsuit filed by American Oversight against CFPB to force the release of records containing communications between Representative Hensarling's office and CFPB.

FOIA to CFPB Seeking New Political Appointee Resumes and Job Titles

January 18, 2019
FOIA to CFPB seeking resumes, job titles, SF-50s, and ethics waivers for political appointees who joined the administration or were assigned to new positions after the date of American Oversight’s previous request for this information submitted in late 2017.

Read the Hidden Report on Banks Charging High Fees to Students

December 13, 2018
After keeping it hidden for months, the Consumer and Financial Protection Bureau has finally released a report on high fees that banks charged to college students, possibly in violation of Department of Education rules.

CFPB Records Related to Companies Charging Dubious Fees to Students

December 11, 2018
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau records related to companies charging legally dubious account fees to college students. These records include an unpublished report by CFPB that was sent to the Department of Education in February of 2018.

American Oversight Expands Its Investigation of Administration’s Improper Email Use

November 29, 2018
After last week’s Washington Post report that Ivanka Trump used a personal email account for official business on hundreds of occasions, American Oversight is continuing its investigation not just into the extent to which the president’s daughter and senior adviser violated records rules, but also into whether such risky actions extended to other officials within Trump’s cabinet.

FOIA to CFPB Seeking Mick Mulvaney’s Personal Email Communications

November 29, 2018
FOIA to CFPB seeking Mick Mulvaney's communications from any non-government email addresses, as well as any emails he forwarded to his government address. This FOIA was filed to see if agency heads are complying with the Presidential Records Act.

FOIA to CFPB Regarding Compliance with the Military Lending Act

November 28, 2018
FOIA seeking memos and communications regarding the ending of supervisory examinations under the Military Lending Act.

FOIA to CFPB Regarding the Name Change to BCFP

November 16, 2018
FOIA seeking communications and memos regarding the decision to use the name "Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection" or the abbreviation "BCFP" instead of "Consumer Financial Protection Bureau" or "CFPB."