Entity: Department of Justice

News Roundup: The Resurgent Pandemic and Partisan Election Reviews

July 29, 2021
The Delta variant's spread across the U.S. has created a pandemic of the unvaccinated and, like many aspects of the past year and a half, one that each state is experiencing differently.

Attorney General Barr’s DOJ Calendars and Phone Logs

July 27, 2021
Records from the Department of Justice's Office of Information Policy in response to American Oversight's request for Attorney General William Barr’s calendars and phone logs.

DOJ Communications Regarding Judicial Nominations and the ACA

July 23, 2021
Records from the Department of Justice of communications from specific groups working on judicial nominations in response to American Oversight's request for records reflecting communications between attorneys involved in challenges to the Affordable Care Act, and Michael Cannon, Director of Health Policy Studies for the Cato Institute.

News Roundup: Sham Audit, Sham Findings

July 22, 2021
Officials involved in the Arizona Senate's partisan election "audit" have said they still need more information before they can complete it. They also introduced new baseless allegations.

FOIA to DOJ Seeking EOIR Hiring Documents Concerning Immigration Judge O’Brien

July 16, 2021
FOIA request to the Executive Office for Immigration Review seeking the hiring documents of Immigration Judge Matthew O'Brien, who previously worked for the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

News Roundup: New Hearing in Lawsuit for Arizona ‘Audit’ Records

July 9, 2021
The more we learn about the origins and operations of the Arizona Senate's partisan recount of Maricopa County ballots, the clearer it becomes that those who instigated the exercise did not have the public's interest in mind. And as we outlined last week, we've already learned a great deal.

DOJ Records and Communications Concerning Federal Protest Response Led by Attorney General Barr and Other Senior Officials

July 8, 2021
Department of Justice records in response to American Oversight’s records requests for orders and directives of Attorney General Barr issued in the course of leading the federal response to protests following the death of George Floyd, as well as for directives given to federal police forces regarding the use of force, deployment orders, self-identification guidelines, or guidance about the display of badges and any related final assessments. These records include senior officials’ email communications concerning the federal response to nationwide protests in May 2020. They also include materials related to invoking the insurrection act.

FOIA to DOJ Seeking Attorney General Barr’s Visitor Logs

June 29, 2021
FOIA request to the Department of Justice seeking Attorney General William Barr's visitor logs.

FOIA to DOJ Seeking Communications of Chief of Staff John Moran from Presidential Transition Period

June 22, 2021
FOIA to the Department of Justice seeking communications of John Moran, chief of staff to acting Attorney General Rosen, during the presidential transition period.

FOIA to DOJ Seeking Calendars of Acting Attorney General Rosen from Presidential Transition Period

June 22, 2021
FOIA to the Department of Justice seeking calendars of acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen from the presidential transition period.