Entity: Department of Justice

DOJ EOIR Records Regarding ‘Returned Notice’ Hearings at San Francisco Immigration Court

January 14, 2022
Records from the Department of Justice's Executive Office for Immigration Review in response to American Oversight's request for records regarding increased instances of hearings at the San Francisco Immigration Court for immigrants whose mailed notices were returned undeliverable, leading to absentia deportations. These records include communications, calendars containing hearing documents, and related reports.

FOIA to DOJ for FBI Memorandum Written About Protests Following Killing of George Floyd

January 7, 2022
FOIA request to the Department of Justice seeking a copy of a Federal Bureau of Investigation memorandum written about the protests following the 2020 police killing of George Floyd.

Investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol Attack: One Year Later

January 6, 2022
There are still many unanswered questions about that dark day for U.S. democracy. Here is a look at what we’ve uncovered through public records requests and litigation, as well as what we’re still seeking to learn.

DOJ Communications and Directives About Events at Capitol During Congressional Certification of 2020 Election Results

December 30, 2021
Records from the U.S. Department of Justice in response to American Oversight's request for communications and directives about the events at the U.S. Capitol during the Congressional certification of the 2020 election results on Jan. 6, 2021.

‘Justice Is Our Client’: DOJ Texts Reveal Officials’ Response to Trump’s Election-Overturning Schemes

December 20, 2021
“If the [acting attorney general] gets fired for not publicly espousing a falsehood, I walk,” texted top DOJ official Claire Murray on Jan. 3, 2021.

DOJ Brief Drafted by a Personal Lawyer to Trump Regarding 2020 Election Challenges

December 16, 2021
Records from the U.S. Department of Justice in response to American Oversight's request for a brief drafted by a personal lawyer to Trump, not an agency employee, for the agency to file with the Supreme Court.

DOJ Communication Records for Patrick Hovakimian Concerning the 2020 Election

December 16, 2021
Records from the U.S. Department of Justice in response to American Oversight's request for emails and text communications of Patrick Hovakimian, chief of staff to then-Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, concerning challenging the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Withheld Records from DOJ Regarding Memo with Talking Point About Election Challenges

December 16, 2021
The U.S. Justice Department withheld records responsive to American Oversight's request for a talking points memorandum regarding former President Donald Trump’s request that the agency file a case in the Supreme Court challenging the election outcome.

American Oversight Sues DOJ and DHS for Trump Officials’ Communications with Fox News Hosts and ‘Big Lie’ Proponents

December 15, 2021
The lawsuit is the seventh American Oversight has filed seeking public information related to the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, and calls for the release of officials’ communications with vocal Trump allies in the weeks after the 2020 election.

Complaint: American Oversight v. DHS and DOJ — Communications with Proponents of the ‘Big Lie’ in Weeks Following 2020 Election

December 15, 2021
Lawsuit filed by American Oversight against the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department seeking officials’ communications with Fox News hosts, Trump Campaign associates and allies, and proponents of the stolen-election lie from the weeks following the 2020 presidential election, as Trump allies sought to overturn the election’s results.