Entity: Department of Transportation

FOIA to Multiple Entities Seeking Oaths of Office

January 19, 2018
FOIA to multiple entities seeking oaths of office.

FOIA to DOT Seeking Communications with McConnell

January 10, 2018
FOIA to DOT Seeking Communications, calendar invites, and emails with McConnell and anyone in the Immediate Office of the Secretary, the Office of the Under Secretary of Transportation for Policy, and the Office of Governmental Affairs.

FOIA to DOT for Updated Political Appointee Resumes and Job Titles

December 13, 2017
Updated FOIA request to DOT seeking resumes and job titles for political appointees hired by President Trump after April 12, 2017. This FOIA updates a previous request submitted by American Oversight seeking this information.

NRR From FAA Regarding Planes FOIAs

November 28, 2017
Partial NRR for administrator's correspondence from FAA.

FOIA to DOT for Calendars of Senior Officials

November 1, 2017
FOIA to DOT for calendars of senior officials, including Secretary Elaine Chao, Jeff Rosen, and Geoff Burr.

FOIA Request to DOT regarding the events in Charlottesville

August 25, 2017
FOIA request to the Department of Transportation regarding the events in Charlottesville and White House Media Communications.