Entity: General Services Administration

FOIA to Multiple Agencies for Records Regarding Pompeo’s Use of Military Housing

June 1, 2020
FOIA to multiple agencies seeking record sufficient to identify any housing rent or lease payments made by Secretary Mike Pompeo, any member of his family, or the the State Department to any military component for housing provided in the Washington, DC region, including

News Roundup: A Somber Week After Memorial Day

May 29, 2020
As states across the country enter various phases of “reopening,” sobering news about the federal government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic continues to emerge. 

New Information on Pompeo’s 2017 Trips to His Home State

May 29, 2020
American Oversight has uncovered new information about trips he took to his home state in 2017, when he was still CIA director.
(Photo: Gage Skidmore)

GSA Email Communications of Brian Barnes Regarding White House Operations

May 28, 2020
Records from the General Services Administration of White House liaison Brian Barnes concerning White House operations. American Oversight sought these records for communications regarding any efforts to target officials based on perceptions of insufficient political loyalty to the president.

FOIA to Multiple Agencies for Records Regarding Pompeo Military Housing

May 26, 2020
FOIA request to multiple agencies for records and communications regarding military housing for Sec. Mike Pompeo.

Complaint: American Oversight and Union of Concerned Scientists v. USDA and GSA — USDA Kansas City Relocation

May 13, 2020
Lawsuit filed by the Union of Concerned Scientists and American Oversight against the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the General Services Administration for records — including site visit records, cost analyses, and decision memos — regarding the relocation of USDA offices to 805 Pennsylvania Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. The building selected for the relocation is co-owned by a business belonging to Michael Merriman, a prominent Repblican donor in Kansas and Missouri.

GSA Withheld Records Response Regarding Communications with White House Counsel about Congressional Oversight of the Executive Branch

April 30, 2020
Response from the General Services Administration stating that the agency is withholding records responsive to American Oversight’s FOIA request for communications between political appointees in the Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs, Office of General Counsel, or leadership offices and select White House counsel staff regarding congressional oversight of the executive branch.

News Roundup: Miracle Drugs and Trump’s Alternate Reality

April 24, 2020
Trump has seemingly failed to learn that no amount of political spin can minimize his administration’s mismanaged pandemic response.

FOIA to GSA Seeking Communications with the Trump Organization and the Office of the President

April 23, 2020
FOIA to General Services Administration seeking communications between senior GSA officials and representatives of the Trump Organization and Office of the President.

The Administration’s Attempts to Stonewall Investigations of Trump FBI Headquarters Interference Stumble in Court

April 21, 2020
Two recent federal court rulings found that agencies had conducted inadequate searches for documents American Oversight requested related to the president's influence over a multibillion-dollar project.