Entity: Internal Revenue Service

News Roundup: The Trump Administration and the Hatch Act

June 14, 2019
Like many norms in the Trump era, the prohibition on federal employees engaging in political activity while at work has been routinely tested by this administration.
White House counselor Kellyanne Conway

No Records Response from the IRS Regarding Communications with Florida Attorney General Pamela “Pam” Bondi

May 17, 2019
Internal Revenue Service stated that it had no records of communication between IRS Leadership and Florida Attorney General Pamela “Pam” Bondi. American Oversight asked for records to shed light on the relationships between potential Attorney General candidates and key federal officials.

Why Congress — and the American People — Deserve to See Trump’s Tax Returns

April 17, 2019
You just filed your taxes with the IRS — it's time for Trump to share his with you.

FOIA to International Trade Administration Seeking Communications Related to Trade and Exemptions

October 23, 2018
FOIA to International Trade Administration seeking communications related to trade and exemptions containing terms like "Argentina," "Australia," "Brazil," "EU," "Europe," and more.

No Records Response From IRS Regarding Birth Control Settlements

January 16, 2018
No records response from IRS in response to our FOIA requesting information regarding settled and resolved litigation related to the ACA's birth control benefit.

No Records Response From IRS Regarding Tax Legislation

December 14, 2017
No records response from IRS in response to our FOIA request for Congressional correspondence related to technical assistance regarding potential tax legislation.

No Records Response From IRS Regarding Tax Reform

November 7, 2017
No records response from the IRS to our FOIA regarding our request for communications with specified outside entities regarding tax reform.

FOIA to IRS Regarding Contraception Lawsuit Settlements and Litigation

November 2, 2017
FOIA to IRS seeking settlements and litigation related to contraception coverage lawsuit and the birth control benefit.

Treasury Rejection of FOIA Request Regarding Tax Reform

August 17, 2017
IRS Response to American Oversight's FOIA requesting records detailing communications between IRS staff and third-party organizations about potential legislation regarding the federal tax code stating that the FOIA isn't reasonably described.