Entity: Texas - Travis County

Records Request to Travis County, Texas, for Records Reflecting Requests to Inspect Voted Ballots Made by Members of the Public

November 30, 2022
Records request to Travis County, Texas, seeking records reflecting requests to inspect voted ballots made by members of the public. In August 2022, Attorney General Paxton issued an opinion effectively enabling broad third-party access to voted ballots soon after counting.

Investigations Update: Family Separation, Unmarked Law Enforcement, and Trump’s Campaign Rallies

June 30, 2020
Here’s a look at the investigations our team has been pursuing through public records requests and Freedom of Information Act litigation in the last week.

Records Request to Travis County, Texas, Seeking Communications with GOP and Anti-Voting Groups

June 22, 2020
Records request to Travis County, Texas, seeking all email communications between Travis County election officials and the Tarrant County Republican Party, the Texas Republican Party, and anti-voting groups.

Travis County, Texas, Records Regarding Voting Machine Allocation

June 4, 2020
Records from Travis County, Texas, regarding voting machine allocation. These records include lists of Travis County polling locations for various elections and spreadsheets containing voting booth information.

News Roundup: One Firing, Multiple Scandals

May 22, 2020
Trump's firing of the State Department's inspector general has unearthed a series of concerning stories about the conduct of the very person who pressed for the firing — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Public Information Request to Travis County, Texas, for Information Regarding Voting Machine Allocation

May 19, 2020
Public information request to Travis county in Texas seeking information regarding voting machine allocation by polling place.

Texas Officials’ Communications with ‘Voter Fraud’ Activists

December 23, 2019
We launched our State Accountability Project in March with the goal of shedding light on voter suppression and election issues. Here's a look at what we've discovered so far.

News Roundup: Impeachment Inquiry Goes Public

November 15, 2019
The latest on the impeachment inquiry, plus more on our investigations into Pompeo's political ambitions and threats to voting rights at the state level.

Request to Travis County in Texas Seeking Communications Regarding Polling Place Closures

November 12, 2019
Public information request to Travis County in Texas seeking communications regarding polling place closures.

Travis County in Texas Guidance Records Received from the Texas Secretary of State’s Office Regarding Voter Roll Maintenance

July 18, 2019
Travis County in Texas advisories, directives, and guidance documents received from the Texas Secretary of State’s Office regarding voter roll maintenance with a focus on Advisory 2019-02, which began Texas’ now-terminated attempt to purge non-U.S. Citizens from the voter rolls. These records span from January 2017 to May 2019.