FOIA Number: COMM-NOAA-19-0438

In the Documents: How the 2018-2019 Government Shutdown Affected Federal Science Agencies

January 23, 2020
Records from NASA, NOAA and other agencies reveal the record-long funding lapse’s detrimental impact on federal projects.

NOAA Records Regarding Absence from the AMA Annual Conference Due to the 2019 Government Shutdown

June 25, 2019
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration records regarding their absence at the American Meteorological Association annual conference in January 2019 as a result of the federal government shutdown.

News Roundup: Turning to the Courts

April 5, 2019
The Trump administration has proved uniquely uncooperative with Congress’ requests. This week, House committees exercised their subpoena power.

FOIA to NOAA Regarding the Impact of the Partial Government Shutdown on Agency Operations and Research

April 4, 2019
FOIA to NOAA seeking records related to the impact of the partial government shutdown on agency operations, scientific research, and public safety programs.