FOIA Number: DOI-17-0494

DOI Calendars for Deputy Chiefs of Staff Downey Magallanes and Michael Argo and CoS Scott Hommel

January 10, 2020
This is a response to our request for the calendars of certain political appointees within the Department of the Interior includes the calendars of Deputy Chief of Staff Downey Magallanes from September 2017 through March 2018 and Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations Michael Argo from November 2017 through May 2018. In August 2018, we received calendars for Chief of Staff Scott Hommel from Jan 30, 2017 - July 2, 2018, and Deputy Secretary and OFAS conference rooms from January 23 - June 5, 2018.

Interior Department Commits to Publishing Acting Secretary Bernhardt’s Daily Calendars

March 29, 2019
Counsel for the Interior Department has told American Oversight that Interior will be posting Bernhardt’s daily schedule “cards” online.

Who is Ryan Zinke Meeting With? 

July 27, 2018
We’ve been investigating Secretary Zinke’s leadership at Interior for a year and believe the public has the right to know what he’s up to and who he’s meeting with.

Complaint: American Oversight v. Multiple Agencies – Senior Official Calendars

March 8, 2018
Lawsuit filed by American Oversight seeking calendars for senior political appointees at Commerce, Education, EPA, DOE, DHS, Interior, Labor, DOT, HHS, HUD, SBA, State, Treasury, and USDA.

DOI Response to Request for Zinke and Bernhardt Calendars

December 20, 2017
In response to our request for calendars of senior officials at the Department of the Interior, the department sent us a letter with a link to a public website containing limited calendars for Secretary Zinke, Deputy Secretary Bernhardt, and others.

FOIA to DOI for Calendars of Senior Officials

November 1, 2017
FOIA to DOI for calendars of senior officials, including Secretary Ryan Zinke, Deputy Secretary or Administrator to Ryan Zinke, Scott Hommel, and James (Jim) Cason.