FOIA Number: DOJ-17-0277

DOJ Expense Vouchers for AG Sessions Travel to Mar-a-Lago

May 3, 2018
Justice Department expense and travel vouchers for Attorney General Jeff Sessions' trip to meet with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago in early 2017. DOJ explained that the vouchers show reimbursement for personal travel costs, such as meals or lodging, because the trip duration was under 24 hours. DOJ has not yet provided records of the cost of the aircraft and security detail expenses for Sessions' trip.

American Oversight Launches “Defund Trump” Investigation

July 24, 2017
American Oversight today launched Defund Trump, a campaign aimed at preventing President Trump and his family from financially profiting from government service.

FOIA Request to DOJ Sessions Visits Trump Properties

July 24, 2017
Calendar entries, records of costs or expenses, and correspondence related to any visits by Attorney General Sessions to Trump properties.