FOIA Number: DOJ-18-0551

DOJ Records Regarding the Religious Liberty Task Force

April 25, 2019
Department of Justice communications in response to our FOIA regarding the Department's Religious Liberty Task Force.

No Records Response From DOJ’s Civil Division to Request Regarding Membership in the Religious Liberty Task Force

April 10, 2019
Department of Justice's Civil Division's said they had no records in response to our request seeking records sufficient to identify the names and titles of individuals at DOJ serving on the Religious Liberty Task Force, as well as records regarding the guidance used for selecting members of the task force. A DOJ memo in July announcing the task force stated that Civil Division would be represented in the new body.

FOIA to DOJ Regarding the Creation of a Religious Liberty Task Force

September 17, 2018
FOIA to DOJ seeking all records including emails, email attachments, internal announcements, decision memos, or other correspondence regarding the creation of the Religious Liberty Task Force.