FOIA Number: ED-17-0431

Calendar Entries for Betsy DeVos and Senior ED Officials

October 23, 2019
Calendar entries form the Department of Education for Secretary DeVos and senior officials. Calendar entries for DeVos span from July 2017 through June 2018.

What We Found in Controversial Federal Court Nominee Steven Menashi’s Calendars

September 11, 2019
One the most potentially controversial judicial nominees since Brett Kavanaugh is set to have his confirmation hearing on Wednesday.

Complaint: American Oversight v. Multiple Agencies – Senior Official Calendars

March 8, 2018
Lawsuit filed by American Oversight seeking calendars for senior political appointees at Commerce, Education, EPA, DOE, DHS, Interior, Labor, DOT, HHS, HUD, SBA, State, Treasury, and USDA.