FOIA Number: EPA-19-0533

No Records Response from EPA Regarding Communications Between Leadership and the White House Officials

May 22, 2019
Environmental Protection Agency stated that it had no records of communications between leadership and the White House’s Wells Griffith, Francis Brooke, and Brooke Rollins. American Oversight asked for these records, because these White House advisers have a track record of fossil fuel promotion and climate change denial, including appearances at conferences of anti-climate science organizations.

News Roundup: Trump Administration’s Defiance of Congressional Subpoenas

April 26, 2019
Trump and his administration are refusing to even negotiate in good faith with congressional investigators.

FOIA to EPA Seeking Communications with Anti-Climate White House Advisers

April 22, 2019
FOIA to EPA seeking records of communications with climate deniers chosen to be White House advisers.