FOIA Number: FCC-17-0114

FCC Calendars and Communications with ISPs Regarding Net Neutrality

March 23, 2018
FCC calendar entries and communications with ISPs regarding Net Neutrality. Released in response to FOIA litigation by American Oversight.

American Oversight Sues FCC to Obtain Net Neutrality Communications with Industry Groups

July 26, 2017
As the Trump administration moves ahead with plans to end Net Neutrality, American Oversight today sued the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to find out how the telecommunications industry has influenced government regulators.

Complaint: American Oversight v. FCC – Net Neutrality Communications

July 26, 2017
Legal complaint against FCC over American Oversight FOIAs FCC-17-0114 and FCC-17-0115 seeking communications about Net Neutrality.

American Oversight Seeks Release of FCC Net Neutrality Communications

April 26, 2017
American Oversight today opened an investigation into FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s proposal to roll back the net neutrality rules that protect open access to the internet.

FOIA Request to FCC Seeking Calendars and Communications with ISPs About Net Neutrality

April 26, 2017
FOIA to seeking senior FCC officials’ calendars and communications with internet service providers regarding net neutrality.