FOIA Number: FL-GOV-20-1595

No Records Response from Fla. Governor Regarding Hosting the RNC Convention in Jacksonville

August 3, 2020
The Florida Governor's Office stated that The Governor and other officials had no records of communication with the Republican National Committee, the Trump campaign, or other related entities concerning moving the Republican National Convention to Jacksonville.

News Roundup: The Administration’s Failure to Confront Two National Crises

June 19, 2020
The Trump administration's responses to the deadly coronavirus pandemic and to nationwide protests against systemic racism in law enforcement have been both harmful and insufficient.

Records Request to Fla. Governor’s Office for Emails about Hosting the RNC Convention in Jacksonville

June 18, 2020
Florida Public Records Request to the Governor’s Office seeking emails with the Republican National Convention, Republican National Committee, or Trump campaign regarding moving the RNC Convention to Jacksonville.