FOIA Number: TREAS-19-0270

NRR from Treasury Regarding Records Reflecting Commitments to Reimburse the Agency by Former FEMA Administrator Brock Long

August 27, 2019
Department of the Treasury stated that it had no records related to Brock Long's commitment to reimburse the federal government. American Oversight asked for records reflecting payments made by former FEMA Administrator Brock Long to the federal government, records reflecting amounts owed by Long to the federal government, and records related to Long's commitment to repay the federal government for unauthorized use of FEMA resources.

Rejection from The Treasury Regarding our Request for Records Demonstrating Brock Long Repaid the Money He Owes the Federal Government

March 14, 2019
The Department of Treasury rejected our request for records concerning whether Brock Long repaid the money he owes FEMA, for any invoices reflecting Brock Long’s debt, and any commitment from him to repay. American Oversight asked for these records to establish whether Brock Long fulfilled his commitment to repay the Federal Government the cost of his unauthorized home to work travel.

FOIA to Treasury Related to Brock Long’s Reimbursement for Misused Agency Resources

February 25, 2019
FOIA to the Department of the Treasury seeking records reflecting reimbursements made by Brock Long or agreements made by Brock Long to repay the Federal Emergency Management Agency for his unauthorized use of agency resources.