FOIA Number: WI-20-0154

In the Documents: Partisan Communications Between Wisconsin Elections Commission Members and State Lawmakers

June 24, 2020
One memo includes a proposal to allow the state — currently the subject of voter-purge lawsuit — to remove voters from the rolls more regularly.

News Roundup: Trump Has Learned His ‘Lesson’

February 14, 2020
Trump's sights appear to be trained on making the Justice Department his personal political arm for helping allies and punishing perceived enemies.

Wisconsin Election Commission Chair Knudson Emails with State Legislature

February 13, 2020
Emails in response to our request for Wisconsin Elections Commission Chair Dean Knudson's communications with high-ranking members of the state legislature.

Public Records Request to Wisconsin Elections Commissioner Knudson’s Communications with Legislators

February 11, 2020
Public records request to the Wisconsin Election Commission asking for communications between Elections Commissioner Dean Knudson and conservative state legislators' offices.