Tax Reform

The White House and Republicans in Congress have made it clear that they intend to aggressively push reform of the federal tax code, and media reports suggest that outside groups are poised to “devote tens of millions of dollars to the process.”

What We’re Seeking

  • Tax reform communications between Congress and senior officials at Treasury, the IRS, or OMB.
  • Communications or meetings between senior officials at Treasury, the IRS, or OMB and outside entities including the Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, Goldman Sachs, and the Chamber of Commerce.


The White House has indicated that it wants a bill on the president’s desk by Thanksgiving. The administration’s legislative affairs director has indicated that congressional committees will “begin marking up legislation shortly after Labor Day” and aim to pass bills in the fall.

An overhaul of the federal tax code could present the largest opportunity in a generation for special interests to reap massive benefits through loopholes, deductions, and other special tax provisions. With the Trump administration on the verge of pushing ahead with such a large and complicated measure, it is essential to know what outside interests, corporate lobbyists, and think tanks have been meeting with government officials to influence the legislative process.