News Roundup: Behind the Voting Machine Breaches

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s ongoing investigation into 2020 election subversion is now focusing on voting machine breaches in four swing states — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania — according to reporting from CNN this week. 

American Oversight has been investigating efforts by activists in each of these states to overturn the election results, and the evidence we’ve uncovered has been helping to drive accountability. The new CNN report cited records we obtained that show these efforts involved election deniers from around the country — including Sidney Powell, whose nonprofit Defending the Republic has close ties to election-undermining efforts in Pennsylvania and Arizona. Powell has been identified as a co-conspirator in the DOJ’s indictment of Donald Trump, and she was charged in Fulton County, Georgia.

At the end of 2020, officials in Fulton County, Pa. — under threat of a subpoena from state Sen. Doug Mastriano — agreed to let the firm Wake TSI conduct a review of voting machines, mail-in ballots, and absentee ballots. 

  • A handwritten note on an agreement between Fulton County and Wake TSI indicated that the firm “is contracted to Defending the Republic a 501(c)4.”  
  • We sued Fulton County in January 2022 for records related to this review, and added Wake TSI as a defendant in the case earlier this year. 

Wake TSI later subcontracted with Cyber Ninjas to help conduct the sham “audit” of votes in Maricopa County, Ariz. 

  • American Oversight obtained numerous records providing details about Wake TSI’s role in the review, including a list of election deniers and conspiracy theorists retained by the firm to work on the “audit.” 
  • Defending the Republic made its mark in Arizona as well, donating $550,000 to the “audit” effort. We obtained a record of a $22,000 payment from Powell to Cyber Ninjas made in December 2021. 

CNN also reported that Smith’s office interviewed a former employee of Pennsylvania fake elector Bill Bachenberg, who was involved in the Arizona “audit.” 

  • In a September 2021 email containing a summary of Cyber Ninjas’ final report, Bachenberg wrote that “PA will be one of the next domino’s [sic] to fall,” employing language frequently used by election conspiracy theorists.
  • Bachenberg was also copied on a July 2021 email thread that included Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan, Chris Witt of Wake TSI, and others about contract and payment disputes, suggesting that he played a significant role in the operation. 

CNN’s story also discusses attorney Stefanie Lambert, who in August was charged in Michigan for her alleged role in voting equipment breaches there.

  • We obtained text messages from early 2021 in which Doug Logan discusses the scheme with Lambert.

We’ve uncovered thousands of pages of additional records detailing the coordinated scheme to reverse the 2020 election results and keep Trump in office illegally. See what we uncovered about the various co-conspirators and co-defendants in the federal and Georgia prosecutions here

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