Topic: Environment & Energy

Audit the Wall: No Plans, Funding or Timeline — And No Wall

December 12, 2018
American Oversight's investigation into the administration’s preparations for fulfilling Trump's promise to build a border wall reveal it to be nothing more than a rhetorical tool.

BOEM Records Regarding Offshore Drilling Seeking Communications with Florida and Energy Groups

October 30, 2018
Emails and other communications from BOEM regarding Secretary Zinke's announcement to exempt Florida from his offshore drilling plan.

EPA Administrator Pruitt Office Renovation Expenses

September 14, 2018
Emails, invoices, and expense records from the EPA regarding upgrades or other renovations of the offices of former Administrator Scott Pruitt and two EPA assistant administrators.

EPA June 2017 Emails Between Top Staffers And Outside Individuals

September 10, 2018
Environmental Protection Agency emails between top staffers including Chief of Staff Ryan Jackson, Acting Deputy Administrator Mike Flynn, and Deputy Chief of Staff John Reeder and outside individuals, including congressional staff and energy industry representatives, during the first half of the month of June 2017.

EPA Records of Nancy Beck Communications with the American Chemistry Council

August 28, 2018
Environmental Protection Agency records showing ethics waivers granted to Deputy Assistant Administrator Nancy Beck and her communications with her former employer, the American Chemistry Council.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s Calendars

August 6, 2018
Calendar entries for EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt from January 2017 to February 2018.

FOIA to EPA Regarding the Decision to Ban Reporters from Summit

May 23, 2018
FOIA to EPA submitted following reports that the agency barred several reporters from a national summit on harmful water contaminants, including by forcibly removing at least one reporter from the building. This FOIA is seeking communications with news outlets and discussions of press access.

Lawsuit Seeks Scott Pruitt and Nino Perrotta Travel and Security Spending Records

April 17, 2018
New lawsuit asks the court to order EPA to release records including waivers authorizing Pruitt and Perrotta to spend taxpayer funds on first class plane tickets, along with any communications between Perrotta and his business partner, Edwin Steinmetz, a private security consultant to whom Perrotta steered a $3,000 federal contract to "sweep" Pruitt's office for listening devices.

New: EPA Documents Show Details of Pruitt Office Renovations

April 6, 2018
New expense documents uncovered by American Oversight show details of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's office renovations - including detailed invoices for his biometric locks and secret phone booth.