Topic: Voting Rights

Ky. Attorney General Records Released in Response to Request for Ballot Integrity Task Force Records

August 3, 2022
Records released by the Kentucky Attorney General in response to American Oversight’s request and litigation for policy documents, agendas, meeting minutes, or similar from the state’s Ballot Integrity Task Force.

American Oversight Sues Election Assistance Commission for Communications with Election Deniers, Voting-Restriction Advocates

August 2, 2022
American Oversight sued the Election Assistance Commission for the release of communications between select commissioners and known election conspiracy theorists and voting-restriction advocates, including EAC advisory board member Cleta Mitchell. 

News Roundup: The ‘Wild/Creative’ Fake Electors Scheme

July 29, 2022
“Kind of wild/creative” — that’s how a Trump-allied lawyer, in an early December 2020 email, characterized the scheme to submit fake electoral certificates in an attempt to overturn the election results.

American Oversight Wins Court Ruling Requiring Release of Records from Kentucky’s ‘Ballot Integrity Task Force’

July 14, 2022
American Oversight won an important victory in its lawsuit for the release of public records related to Kentucky's Ballot Integrity Task Force, a 2020 partnership between state election officials and law enforcement aimed at investigating and deterring incidents of supposed “voter fraud.”

In the Documents: Anti-Democratic Proposals Originating in the Office of Gov. DeSantis

July 12, 2022
In recent months, the Florida Legislature has been a hotbed of far-right measures, from new abortion restrictions to a law stifling the discussion of racism while at school or work. Leading the state’s rightward course has been Gov. Ron DeSantis, whom NBC News in June described as having a “hand-in-glove relationship with the Legislature” that has “made the state a test kitchen for conservative ideas.” 

News Roundup: Wisconsin Court Order, Trump Accountability, and State Anti-Immigration Measures

July 8, 2022
Amid another week of somber headlines, American Oversight achieved a victory for accountability in the world of bogus election reviews.

News Roundup: January 6 Hearing, Lawsuits in Wisconsin and Texas, and the Supreme Court

July 1, 2022
It was another week of blockbuster Jan. 6 testimony and earth-shattering Supreme Court decisions.

American Oversight Obtains Staff Salary Records from Texas Secretary of State’s ‘Election Audit Division’

June 27, 2022
A spreadsheet obtained by American Oversight shows that the new division in the Texas secretary of state’s office was allocated roughly $120,000 per month for salaries.

News Roundup: Pardons, Partisans and Our Endangered Democracy

June 24, 2022
It’s impossible to overstate the gravity of America’s current political situation.

Wisconsin State Assembly Communications of Rep. Ramthun with External Entities

June 21, 2022
Records from the Wisconsin State Assembly in response to American Oversight's request for the communications of State Rep. Timothy Ramthun with external entities, including those advocating for investigations into the November 2020 election.