Entity: Department of Energy

Complaint: Union of Concerned Scientists v. DOE and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission – Failed Federal Bailouts

November 13, 2018
Lawsuit filed by American Oversight on behalf of Union of Concerned Scientists against DOE and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission seeking records related to Trump administration’s numerous failed proposals to bail out coal and nuclear power plants.

FOIA to Energy Seeking Michigan Attorney General Communications

November 9, 2018
FOIA to Energy seeking Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette's communications. This FOIA was filed to shed light on the relationships between potential Attorney General candidates and key federal officials.

FOIA to DOE Regarding the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

October 31, 2018
FOIA to DOE regarding a report from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which revealed findings about the reality of climate change seeking communications about this report.

Department of Energy Office Renovation Expenses

October 30, 2018
Office renovation records from the Department of Energy.

FOIA to DOE Regarding Secretary Rick Perry’s Son’s Business Interests

October 4, 2018
FOIA to DOE seeking communications with Griffin Perry, Secretary Perry’s son and Grey Rock Energy Partners. This FOIA was submitted because Secretary Perry was a Grey Rock investor before assuming the helm of the agency. Grey Rock recently launched a new investment fund, and some ethics experts have raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest that could arise from the business interests of Secretary Perry’s son.

FOIA to DOE Seeking Communications Between DOE Officials and Nick Ayers

September 19, 2018
FOIA to DOE seeking communications between DOE officials, including Rick Perry, Brian McCormack, Mark Maddox, Raymond A. (“Tony”) Casler, and Paul Liben.

DOE Records Regarding a March 2017 Meeting Between Secretary Perry and Murray Energy Corporation

September 14, 2018
Department of Energy response to a FOIA request for records regarding a March 2017 meeting between Secretary Perry and Murray Energy Corporation. Records include correspondence between DOE and Andrew Wheeler, who helped arrange the meeting.

FOIA to DOE Seeking Communications with or Regarding Concerned Veterans for America

August 23, 2018
FOIA to DOE seeking communications with or regarding Concerned Veterans for America to shed light on whether or not Concerned Veterans for America is having on wide-ranging policy discussions that affect millions of Americans, as well as influence of private individuals with connections to the president on federal government actions and policies.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry Calendars for March 2017

August 20, 2018
Calendars for Energy Secretary Rick Perry covering the month of March, 2017.

DOE Resumes and Job Titles for Updated Political Appointee

July 3, 2018
Records from the Department of Energy containing updated political appointee resumes and job titles since June 27 2017.