Entity: Department of Labor

No Records Responses From DOL to Requests Seeking Communications Regarding Ford

November 20, 2017
Multiple no records responses from Ford in response to our FOIA seeking internal, external, and White House communications.

Labor Department Ivanka Trump Emails

November 7, 2017
Records from the Department of Labor containing emails with Ivanka Trump or her staff during the time period in early 2017 before she became an official member of the White House staff.

FOIA In Action: Helping Journalists Expose Questionable Behavior By Trump’s Appointees

November 2, 2017
American Oversight has been investigating questionable behaviors by Trump's political appointees. Our FOIAs have helped journalists report on many conflicts of interests, such as using personal email for government business and high-level political figures hosting events at Trump properties.

FOIA to DOL for Calendars of Senior Officials

November 1, 2017
FOIA to DOL seeking calendars for Secretary Alexander Acosta, Deputy Secretary to Secretary Acosta, Nathan Mehrens, Wayne D. Palmer, Nicholas C. Geale, and Molly Conway.

DOL Records Regarding Ford

November 1, 2017
No records response regarding Ford seeking internal, external, and White House communications.