Entity: Environmental Protection Agency

EPA Records Released in Response to Request for Communications Between Agency lawyers and the White House

December 2, 2022
Records released by the Environmental Protection Agency in response to American Oversight’s request for communications between agency lawyers and the White House in light of the administration’s unprecedented efforts to resist congressional oversight.

News Roundup: ‘Records Matter’

February 11, 2022
“The Presidential Records Act is critical to our democracy, in which the government is held accountable by the people,” Archivist of the United States David Ferriero said earlier this week. “Records matter.”

FOIA Request to EPA Officials Regarding Communications and Meetings with Representatives from PFA-Manufacturing Companies and Industry Interest Groups

December 3, 2021
FOIA to the Environmental Protection Agency seeking records regarding communications and meetings between agency officials and representatives from PFA-manufacturing companies and industry interest groups.

News Roundup: More Bogus Audits, Trump’s Covid-19 Postcards, and the Costs of ‘Operation Lone Star’

October 1, 2021
As we wrote last week, it did not matter that the sham “audit” of votes cast in Maricopa County repeated what had already been confirmed by actual independent audits — that Joe Biden defeated Trump. The election review’s primary outcome was in keeping conspiracy theories and lies about voter fraud alive for the multiple months it dragged on.

EPA Records Regarding the EPA’s Reversal on Pebble Mine

June 2, 2021
Records from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding the EPA's recent decision to no longer oppose Pebble Mine, a copper and gold mining project in Alaska with severe anticipated environmental impacts.

Records Show Nearly $60,000 in Staff Costs for Swing State Travel of Trump EPA and Labor Chiefs

March 15, 2021
Trips to swing states ahead of the election by former EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler and former Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia cost taxpayers nearly $60,000 in staff travel and expenses.

EPA Records of Wheeler’s Trip Expenses to Swing States

March 3, 2021
Records from the Environmental Protection Agency in Response to American Oversight's request for former Admin. Andrew Wheeler's expenses incurred from trips of top officials to swing states in the run-up to the 2020 election.

Letter to Multiple Agencies Concerning Federal Workers’ Whistleblower Rights

December 21, 2020
Government Accountability Project and American Oversight joint letter to 25 federal agencies concerning the whistleblower rights of federal workers and agency responsibility to inform them of their rights during presidential transitions of power.

Investigations Update: ‘Sharpiegate,’ the Census, and Barr’s ‘Voter Fraud’ Investigations

November 17, 2020
See the latest in our investigations of the Justice Department’s voter fraud probes, the rush to finish the census, and criminal charges against protesters.