Entity: Environmental Protection Agency

Complaint: Campaign for Accountability v. EPA – Tar Creek

April 5, 2018
Campaign for Accountability (CfA), represented by American Oversight, filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to compel the release of records related to the Tar Creek Superfund site in northeastern Oklahoma.

FOIA to EPA Regarding Former Banker’s Involvement in the Tar Creek Superfund Site

April 5, 2018
FOIA seeking all communications with and regarding former (now banned) banker Albert Kelly who was appointed to manage superfund sites. American Oversight hopes to shed light on his involvement with the Tar Creek superfund site.

FOIA to EPA Regarding Energy Contact Connected with Administrator Pruitt’s Landlord

April 4, 2018
FOIA to EPA seeking communications to, from, or including any political appointee or employee in the Office of the Administrator concerning the EPA’s evaluation of the proposed expansion of the Alberta Clipper pipeline by Enbridge Energy LP.

FOIA to EPA Regarding Scott Pruitt’s Lease Associated with an Energy Lobbyist

April 4, 2018
FOIA to EPA seeking communications concerning Administrator Scott Pruitt’s lease with Vicki Hart, wife of an energy lobbyist, including the March 30, 2018 ethics review of that lease.

FOIA Regarding a Client Associated with Scott Pruitt’s Landlord and a Pipeline Expansion

April 4, 2018
FOIA seeking all records reflecting any involvement by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt in the EPA’s evaluation of the proposed expansion of the Alberta Clipper pipeline by a client of Scott Pruitt's landlord, Enbridge Energy, LP.

FOIA Seeking Communications and Calendar Meetings Between Scott Pruitt’s Office and Those Associated with the Enbridge Energy Contract

April 4, 2018
FOIA seeking communications and calendar entries concerning: anyone in the Immediate Office of the Administrator with or Vicki Hart, J. Steven Hart, Williams & Jensen, Enbridge Inc., aka Enbridge Energy LP, Concho Resources, or Oklahoma Gas and Electric.

FOIA Seeking Receipts from Hupp and Perrotta

April 4, 2018
FOIA seeking all receipts, invoices, or other billing statements submitted by or on behalf of Millan Hupp or Pasquale “Nino” Perrotta to justify expenditures or seek reimbursement for taxi or ridesharing expenses paid with a government purchase card or personal credit card.

FOIA to Multiple Agencies Regarding Trump Appointees Accusing Career Staff of Disloyalty

March 29, 2018
Following reports that high-level Trump administration officials expressed concern about the “loyalty” of career civil servants at the State Department, and even explored ways to “purge” some of those career employees from their positions. American Oversight submitted this FOIA to determine whether similar conversations occurred at other agencies.

FOIA to EPA Regarding Toll Roads Under the Trump Administration’s Infrastructure Plan

March 28, 2018
FOIA seeking communications regarding the Trump administration's infrastructure plan and toll roads.

FOIA to EPA Regarding the National Environmental Policy Act

March 27, 2018
FOIA to EPA regarding reform or repeal of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) or implementation of a “One Agency, One Decision” approach to environmental review.