Entity: Immigration and Customs Enforcement

FOIA to ICE Seeking Communications with Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP

August 13, 2018
FOIA to ICE seeking communications involving any employee or representative of Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP (@bradley.com), including, but not limited to, David Stewart and Paul Kavinoky. Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP lobbies on behalf of GEO Group, which owns and operates private prisons, immigration-detention centers. American Oversight submits this FOIA to shed light on the nature of their lobbying efforts.

No Records Response From ICE Regarding Renovations

July 20, 2018
No records responses from DHS, ICE, and USCIS in response to our office renovations FOIA request.

FOIA to Multiple Agencies Regarding Trump Appointees Accusing Career Staff of Disloyalty

March 29, 2018
Following reports that high-level Trump administration officials expressed concern about the “loyalty” of career civil servants at the State Department, and even explored ways to “purge” some of those career employees from their positions. American Oversight submitted this FOIA to determine whether similar conversations occurred at other agencies.

FOIA to DHS and ICE Related to Increase in Enforcement

March 2, 2018
FOIA seeking information related to meetings with local jurisdictions including mayors’ and sheriffs’ offices relating to their enforcement of federal immigration law.

FOIA to DHS Seeking Communications Related to Sanctuary Cities and Immigration policies

March 2, 2018
FOIA to DHS seeking communications between any political appointee at DHS, ICE, or CBP headquarters in Washington, DC, related to federal sanctuary city policies; state-specific enforcement of federal immigration laws; immigration related raids in any localities; or immigration detainers issued by ICE to governmental entities including local mayors’ and sheriffs’ offices. (DHS-18-0137)

FOIA to DHS Seeking Communications Related to Sanctuary Cities in FL

March 2, 2018
FOIA seeking communications with the Florida Attorney General’s Office related to Florida townships or localities deemed sanctuary cities.

FOIA to ICE Regarding Hurricane Maria

November 15, 2017
FOIA to DHS/ICE regarding Hurricane Maria seeking electronic communications related to hurricane relief efforts.