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News Roundup: Trump and Barr Unleash Attack on Protesters — and the Constitution

June 5, 2020
The irony of protests against police brutality being met with violent escalation by law enforcement is perhaps matched only by the authoritarianism of the president and attorney general. 
(Photo: Ted Eytan)

FOIA to Multiple Agencies Regarding Screening Federal Agents for Coronavirus Prior to Deployment Against Police Brutality Protests

June 5, 2020
FOIA to the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Bureau of Prisons, the Transportation Security Administration, U.S. Marshals Service, and the U.S. Secret Service seeking all records reflecting any screening or testing for coronavirus infection of federal agents responding to police brutality protests.

FOIA to Multiple Agencies Seeking Records Relating to DACA Recipient Data

June 2, 2020
FOIA to multiple agencies seeking records reflecting administrative closure, removal, and information sharing regarding DACA recipients.

FOIA to DHS Seeking Communications Regarding Reopening or Re-Calendering Court Cases of DACA Recipients

June 2, 2020
FOIA to the Department of Homeland Security seeking communications with the Executive Office of the President regarding reopening or re-calendering court cases of DACA recipients.

News Roundup: A Somber Week After Memorial Day

May 29, 2020
As states across the country enter various phases of “reopening,” sobering news about the federal government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic continues to emerge. 

New DHS Executive Secretary Linked to Stephen Miller’s Network

May 29, 2020
American Oversight has identified the agency’s new executive secretary as a likely member of the White House adviser's network of like-minded allies.

FOIA to ICE Seeking Communications with Guatemala Ministry of Health

May 28, 2020
FOIA to Immigration and Customs Enforcement seeking Communications with Guatemala Ministry of Health

American Oversight Sues Administration for Documentation of Detention Center Covid Response

May 21, 2020
American Oversight sued the administration on Thursday for failing to release documents regarding the impact of the coronavirus on vulnerable populations in prisons and immigration detention centers. 

Complaint: American Oversight v. DHS, ICE, DOJ, and BOP — Coronavirus Outbreak in Prisons

May 21, 2020
Lawsuit filed by American Oversight against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons for directives, risk assessments, data, and related communications regarding the outbreak of coronavirus in prisons.

ICE Emails Regarding Roxsana Hernandez’s Detainee Death Review

May 15, 2020
Emails exchanged between Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officers pertaining to conducting Roxsana Hernandez's detainee death review and distributing a redacted copy to the Honduran Ambassador.