Jurisdiction: Federal

DOJ Records Related to Affirmative Action Job Posting

January 12, 2018
Documents from DOJ in response to our FOIA request for records associated with the announcement seeking lawyer interested in working on investigations related to race-based university admissions.

Justice Department Staffing Up For Its Ill-Conceived Affirmative Action Investigation

January 12, 2018
The Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division at the U.S. Department of Justice sought government attorneys on loan for its investigation into higher education affirmative action programs, an email released through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request revealed. 

FOIA to DOT Seeking Communications with McConnell

January 10, 2018
FOIA to DOT Seeking Communications, calendar invites, and emails with McConnell and anyone in the Immediate Office of the Secretary, the Office of the Under Secretary of Transportation for Policy, and the Office of Governmental Affairs.

EPA Icahn Communications

January 8, 2018
Documents from EPA in response to our FOIA request regarding communications with Carl Icahn.

Commerce Ivanka Emails

January 8, 2018
Records from Commerce containing "Ivanka Emails."

Position Description for Strong Cities Executive

January 8, 2018
The position description for the position John Gibbs was first hired into, before being shifted to be a senior advisor.

Records of HUD Secretary Carson Decision Memos

January 8, 2018
Documents from HUD in response to our FOIA request for memos adopted by HUD Secretary Ben Carson.

Records from DOJ-OLC Opinion Cover Sheet for CFPB Memo

January 8, 2018
Records from DOJ in response to our request for the "opinion cover sheet reflecting attorney sign-off and views on publication for the OLC Memorandum for Donald F. McGahn. Dated November 25, 2017, Re: Designating an Acting Director of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection."

HUD Appointee Resumes – van Duyne, Gibbs, Bourne

January 8, 2018
Records from HUD in response to our request for resumes, SF-50s, and position descriptions for specified individuals discussed in the NY Magazine/ProPublica article "Is Anyone Home at HUD?"

FOIA to Education Regarding Presentations Made by Office of Civil Rights

January 2, 2018
FOIA request to the Department of Education for records of presentations made to the public by the Office of Civil Rights.