Jurisdiction: Federal

Congressional Russia Investigations Must be Transparent and Credible

October 20, 2017
Following investigations into Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections, it's critical that congressional investigations are conducted properly to get the truth and inform the public. American Oversight recently joined with a bipartisan group of experts in congressional investigations to develop a set of benchmarks for evaluating the various investigations and to help Americans determine if the committee inquiries are credible.

Health Care Lawsuit: Fighting for Transparency

October 17, 2017
American Oversight filed a new motion opposing efforts by the Trump administration and Congress to block the release of emails detailing the secret health care reform negotiations.

FOIA In Action: Helping Journalists Hold the Government Accountable

October 17, 2017
American Oversight has been investigating Trump's political appointees. Our FOIAs have helped journalists report on the fact that many of those who Trump appointed to high-level positions are unqualified and well connected to the Trump family.