Jurisdiction: Federal

FOIA to DOJ Regarding Outside Influences on Supreme Court Nominations

July 24, 2018
FOIA to DOJ seeking communications concerning judicial nominations with The Federalist Society, The Heritage Foundation, Leonard Leo, Judicial Crisis Network, The NRA, and others.

No Records Response from FDA Regarding Communications With Michael Cohen or Associates

July 24, 2018
No responsive records from FDA reflecting communications between any FDA political appointee and Michael Cohen or any of his associates.

No Records Response From DOJ EOUSA Regarding Acosta Records

July 24, 2018
No records response from the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Florida regarding Mr. R. Alexander Acosta’s previous email communications between August 22, 2003 and June 5, 2009.

FOIA to VA Seeking Thayer Verschoor Communications

July 23, 2018
FOIA to VA seeking Thayer Verschoor communications with Joe Arpaio, Steve Pierce, any employee or representative of Alliance Defending Freedom, or any employee or representative of Center for Arizona Policy and any email containing terms to shed light on his prejudice beliefs that could impact his work at VA.

FOIA to DHS Regarding the Use of Ships to Compose the Border Wall

July 23, 2018
FOIA seeking all records reflecting any proposal, discussion, or decision regarding the use of old and/or decommissioned ships or other marine vessels as a building material for a wall on the southwest border of the United States, and any email chains to which such proposals are attached. This FOIA was submitted following reports that the United States Coast Guard (USCG) has considered disposing of ships to use as building material for a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border.

Carter Page FISA Application Requests

July 21, 2018
Department of Justice requests for FISA warrants to wiretap Carter Page.

No Records Response From ICE Regarding Renovations

July 20, 2018
No records responses from DHS, ICE, and USCIS in response to our office renovations FOIA request.

EPA Officials Raised Concerns about Formaldehyde… in Scott Pruitt’s Desk

July 19, 2018
New emails uncovered by American Oversight show EPA employees were concerned about the level of formaldehyde in an ornate desk that Pruitt had sought to purchase for his office.

EPA Documents Concerning Scott Pruitt’s Travel

July 18, 2018
Environmental Protection Agency documents reflecting travel by Administrator Scott Pruitt, including calendar entries and expense reports.

No Records Response From Treasury Regarding Guidance on Staying at Trump Properties

July 18, 2018
Department of Treasury stated that it had no records of guidance regarding staying at Trump-owned properties. American Oversight asked multiple agencies for any guidance issued regarding expenditures at properties owned by or related to President Trump.