Topic: National Security

Notice of Production – Sessions SF-86 Lawsuit

July 12, 2017
Notice filed by American Oversight regarding a production made by the government in our lawsuit seeking Attorney General Sessions's SF-86.

Court Order in American Oversight’s Wiretap Lawsuit

July 6, 2017
Order from Judge Lamberth of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia instructing the government to produce a Vaughn index of any records relating to American Oversight's FOIA request regarding alleged wiretaps of Trump Tower.

FOIA Request to DOJ Identifying order of succession for Attorney General

June 26, 2017
The most recent order of the Attorney General identifying the order of succession for the Office of the Attorney General.

DOJ FBI Response Neither Confirms Nor Denies Comey Briefing Book

June 20, 2017
The FBI responded to American Oversight's FOIA Request for (DOJ-17-0142) communications with DOJ and the media regarding the decision to fire former FBI Director Comey.

Watchdog Group Files Lawsuit on Trump Border Wall

June 16, 2017
Non-partisan ethics watchdog American Oversight today filed suit against the Trump administration to force the release of communications, documents, and plans related to the president’s proposed border wall.

DOJ Records Exempt Response to Request for Comey Memos

June 16, 2017
DOJ responded to American Oversight's FOIA request (DOJ-FBI-17-0153) for memos prepared by former Director Comey memorializing conversations with President Trump. The Department issued a records exempt response.

FOIA Request to State Department Plans for Mexico to Pay for the Wall

June 16, 2017
Records of any State Department preparations or plans to collect money from Mexico to pay for the construction of a border wall.

FOIA Request to State Department Communications with Mexico Regarding Border Wall

June 16, 2017
Diplomatic communications with Mexico regarding the proposed border wall.

FOIA Request to DHS People Who Will Make Decisions About Border Wall Contracts

June 16, 2017
Records identifying the members of the selection committee that will make decisions about awarding the wall contracts.