New Documents Weekly Round Up

Our investigations into the Trump administration continue to turn up new documents every week. In the past few weeks, we’ve posted a number of new records, including:

Department of Justice Response Regarding Affirmative Action Investigations

American Oversight received a response from DOJ indicating that it has, but is not releasing, records of an investigation of admissions policies at Harvard University. Additional related documents from this investigation can be found here.

Federal Communications Commission Net Neutrality Correspondence and Meetings

The FCC released several hundred pages of emails, calendar entries, and other correspondence relating to the agency’s management of Net Neutrality policies. Additional records from this investigation can be found here.

Records Regarding Department of Homeland Security’s Investigation of Twitter Account

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) provided documents in response to our FOIA regarding the agency’s decision to investigate the Twitter account @ALT_USIS. We are investigating to determine whether or not CBP abused its power in launching the investigation. Read more about this on our blog.

EPA Scott Pruitt’s Calendars

American Oversight obtained EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s calendars, revealing new details about a series of industry meetings with corporate executives and lobbyists that the EPA is tasked with regulating These documents helped to inform reporting in the New York Times. See our full investigation of Scott Pruitt here.  

DOE Trump Organization Guidance  

American Oversight received records related to Department of Energy’s guidance on employee travel to Trump properties and reimbursement requests from employees who stayed at Trump hotels. See our full investigation related to Trump hotels and properties here.

DHS Communications with Tohono O’odham regarding Border Wall

American Oversight has been investigating Donald Trump’s claims that he will build a wall along the US-Mexico border – including the administration’s interactions with the Tohono O’odham Nation, a Native American tribe that has land on both sides of the border. These documents shed more light on how DHS communicated with the Tohono O’odham regarding the wall. See our full Audit the Wall investigation here.